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MiPhyt Nutrition

In order to maximise crop performance, growers must provide each crop with sufficient levels of nutrients based on crop requirement. To achieve this, we need to understand what the crops need, what the soils can provide and where we must apply nutrients to fill the gap.

Efficient fertilizers have become the main answer to the current growing demand for agricultural products. Modern agriculture must supply crops with optimal rates of nutrients throughout the growth cycle in the most efficient manner possible, and without degrading soil and water resources.

Range Benefits

High quality raw materials
Fully water soluble
Chlorine free
Efficient fertilizers
Fully water soluble
Balanced uptake of major nutrients into the crop
Drip irrigation and foliar application
Efficiency improving yields and quality
Full assimilation
Efficient fertilizers
Meeting precise crop requirements
Balanced uptake

MiPhyt Drip NPK

MiPhyt Drip NPK is our water soluble NPK solution for drip irrigation. Due to its premium ingredients and balanced composition enriched with essential chelated micronutrients and our EMA complex, our water soluble NPK products improve soil fertility and plant growth.

MiPhyt Foliar

MiPhyt Foliar formulations are specifically designed for foliar application guaranteeing an optimal and prompt nutrient uptake. This range combines the major elements N, P and K with 10 times more concentration of chelated trace elements.

MiPhyt Theia

Theia is our 5 elements gel formulation for drip irrigation that offers perfect balance between the most effective raw materials and the most advanced technology.

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