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MiPhyt Foliar

MiPhyt Foliar formulations are specifically designed for foliar application guaranteeing an optimal and prompt nutrient uptake. This range combines the major elements N, P and K with 10 times more concentration of chelated trace elements.

This high concentration of chelated micronutrients allows us to combine crop nutrition and correction of micronutrients deficiencies all in one go, turning it into a trace elements product with the macronutrients N,P and K added.

Water Soluble

Product Benefits

High quality raw materials
Fully water soluble
Chlorine free
Unique multipurpose foliar nutrition products
Crop nutrition and correction of micronutrient deficiencies all in one go
Different formulations to meet crop specific nutritional requirements
Foliar application
x10 times higher concentration of chelated micronutrients
Effectively prevent multiple deficiencies
Packing size
1 kg
Foliar Spray
High concentration of chelated micronutrients
Optimal and prompt nutrient uptake through leaves

10-40-10 + TE + QPS45

5-15-45 + TE + QPS45

10-40-10 + TE + QPS45

5-15-45 + TE + QPS45


The foliar dosage rate varies from 0.5 - 5 kg/ha

Never exceed a concentration of 0,5% (500g per 100 L) to avoid burning of the leaves.
When combining with other agrochemicals, a small-scale test is recommended to check compatibility.

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