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Our story

Biond AgroBiotechnology is a start-up created by Bioengineers in response to our commitment to the Agricultural and Environmental sectors.

Sustainable agriculture seeks to achieve three main goals: economic efficiency, environmental quality and social responsibility. This is the challenge that Biond Agrobiotechnology sets for itself, offering farmers innovative, sustainable, quality solutions and developing product lines resulting from our research.

We are beyond biotechnology

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact in our sector while maintaining quality and efficiency standards.

Our objective is to make the lives of farmers easier than ever, by manufacturing highly efficient products for their agricultural and horticultural crops.

Taking all environmental, chemical, biological factors into consideration, we deliver innovative solutions to offer you the most valuable and customized methods of growing and strengthening your plants and thus bringing more value to your business.

Our Values


New Technology applied to modern agriculture

R & D

Innovation is key to


Higher yields with
better management

How we do it

Biond brings Science to the field. We use high technology to achieve more productive crops in a continuous search for quality and excellence. Technological progress is the key to producing more and better by contributing to creating sustainable agriculture.

You may have some of these questions

What exactly is Biond?

Biond Agrobiotechnology offers farmers innovative, sustainable and quality solutions resulting from our research. Our target is to improve the productivity and sustainability of crops.

How can I buy your products?

You can contact us by email, website contact form or social network and we will give you more information about it.

Are our products really natural?

Our products from Biostimulant, Deficiency Correctors, Econatur and Agrobiotechnology ranges are made with plant extracts, essential oils, amino acids, seaweed extracts, microorganisms, etc. in order to provide the best products for our farmers while taking care of the environment.

How can I contact you?

Via email, website contact form and social networks.

Are your products available in my country?

Please, contact us to see if we have a distributor in your area.

It’s time to start working

Let’s make great things together

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