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MiPhyt Theia

Is our gel fertilizer range for drip irrigation combining high levels of NPK with Calcium, Magnesium and trace elements.

The combination of these 5 elements offers a perfect balance between the most effective raw materials and the most advanced technology to farmers.

MiPhyt Theia is available in a balanced range of NPK ratios to meet the plant needs at different crop stages.

Water Soluble
Drip Irrigation

Product Benefits

High quality raw materials
Fully water soluble, no sediment or blockages
Chlorine free
Improves yields and quality of fruits
Anti clogging action
Neutralizes alkaline soils and hard water conditions
An all-in-one product containing the five most important elements for crops
Increase soil nutrient availability and help to prevent precipitates, keeping irrigation systems clean
Provides opportunities for you to reduce application rates and application frequency, while improving crop yields and crop quality
Packing size
10 kg
Low pH
Unique composition
Five most important elements for crops
20-20-20 + 6CaO + 3MgO + TE
18-9-36 + 6CaO + 3MgO + TE
13-43-13 + 6CaO + 3MgO + TE


The recommended concentration in feed solutions varies from 0.5 to 2 g/l (0.05 –0.2%).

Although the product is mainly used for fertigation, it is also possible to use it as a
Foliar spray: Apply 2 – 4 kg/ha/application use in sufficient water volume to guarantee full coverage of the foliage
When combining with other agrochemicals, a small-scale test is recommended to check compatibility.

4 - 5 applications, 2-week interval, starting at vegetative growth
3 - 4 applications, from tuber initiation until flowering
Fruit Trees
4 - 5 applications, from vegetative growth until beginning fruit set
Leafy vegetables
2 - 3 applications, 2-week interval, starting at vegetative growth

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