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MiPhyt P

Stimulates plant growth and it is an inductor of beneficial metabolic responses in plants

MiPhyt P is a biostimulant that promotes plants natural defenses and thus enhances their resistance to diseases and suitable for fertigation and foliar application.

Packing size
1kg, 5kg
Water Soluble
Drip Irrigation

What it does

Our formulation in gel improves crop yield and quality, it is highly effective in increasing resistance to various diseases and it stimulates production of natural substances metabolized by their defense mechanisms.

MiPhyt P is an excellent complexing agent for nutrients such as Ca, Mg, B, Zn and Mo, increasing uptake efficiency and translocation of these nutrients.

Product benefits

Improves yield

Improves quality

Excellent complex agent for other nutrients and macronutrients

Effectiveness against different biotic and abiotic stress factors

Inductor of beneficial metabolic responses in plants

Stimulates plant growth

Enhances resistance to diseases

Promotes plants natural defenses

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Do not exceed the concentration of 0,5%, or 500 grams/100 L of water.
When combining with other agrochemicals, a small-scale test is recommended to check compatibility.


General dosage range between 5 – 15 kg/ha.

Foliar spray

Apply 2 – 6 kg/ha/treatment during critical stages like root development, flowering, fruit set, fruit growth and maturity.

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