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MiPhyt AmiCab

Supports the maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction of plants.

It is a L-α-amino acid-based product with a biostimulant potential and for the prevention and correction of Calcium and Boron deficiencies.
This gel formulation is a completely soluble product that is fully available for crops. It can be used as foliar or fertigation product.

Packing size
1kg, 5kg
Water Soluble
Drip Irrigation
Amino Acids

What it does

Calcium and Boron are structural components in cell walls. Inadequate supplies will compromise the integrity of the cells in the plants leading to quality issues of the marketable products: Blossom-End-Rot in Tomato and Pepper, Tip burning in Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, etc., Bitter pit in Apples, Internal browning in Potatoes and Apical Rotting.

Product benefits

Calcium is essential for the correct growth of sprouts and fruits

Improves postharvest fruit shelf life

Amino acid content facilitates its absorption and transport through the plant and Boron also favors the mobility of Calcium

This gel formulation promotes fast and efficient leaf penetration and transportation of boron throughout the plant.

Better pollination and development of fruits

Supports rapid recovery from critical situations

Improves fruit set and quality.

Stress resistance

Increases photosynthesis

Opens the stomas

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General application rate ranging from 2 - 5 kg/ha/application

Never exceed a concentration of 0,5% (5 grams per liter) to avoid burning of the leaves.
When combining with other agrochemicals, a small-scale test is recommended to check compatibility.

4 - 5 applications, 2-week interval, starting at vegetative growth
3 - 4 applications, from tuber initiation until flowering
Fruit Trees
4 - 5 applications, from vegetative growth until beginning fruit set
Leafy vegetables
2 - 3 applications, 2-week interval, starting at vegetative growth

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