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MiPhyt Nema

Stimulating growth and plant defences with plant extracts

MiPhyt Nema stimulates plant growth and development, abiotic stress tolerance, and induces pathogen resistance.

Packing size
1kg, 5kg
Water Soluble
Drip Irrigation
Plant extracts

What it does

MiPhyt Nema is a gel biostimulant based in chitosan, plant extracts and essential oils. Chitosan is a potential agent used in enhancing defence mechanism of plant, as growth promoter, as antimicrobial agent, as a soil conditioner. In addition, chitosan is used as carrier for improving nutrient delivery and increasing water use efficiency.

Being enriched with plant extracts our product increases also photosynthesis, ion uptake and transport, seed germination, as well as response to abiotic and biotic stresses. Plant immunity and disease resistance are improved significantly.

Product benefits

Promotes growth and seed germination

Stimulates photosynthesis

Improves general plant vigour, promotes root development and flowering

Enhances crop tolerance to abiotic stress (drought, extreme temperatures...)

Enhances nutrient uptake

Promotes beneficial soil microorganisms

Improves plant disease resistance and immunity

Improves yield and overall quality

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