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In the Agrobiotechnology range the main active substances are beneficial fungi and bacteria as well as derivatives products of microbial fermentation.

The use of this type of products in the soil, apart from improving the microbiological properties of the soil, improves the physicochemical properties since the microorganisms can be nitrogen fixers, phosphorus and potassium solubilizers. These biochemical reactions caused by the presence of microorganisms can improve soil properties, making it a soil with more nutritious elements available to plants.

The presence of certain microorganisms, can provoke in the plant the synthesis of biostimulant substances that improve the yield and productivity of the crop, either by an improvement of the assimilation of nutrients or by a modification in the conditions of the rhizosphere that favours an increase in abiotic stress tolerance.

Range Benefits

Environmental friendly
Promotes plant growth
Improves the microbiological properties of the soil
Boosts crop yields and quality
Enhances abiotic stress tolerance
Improves nutrients uptake
Bioactive compounds for sustainable agricultural systems
Zero Residue
Derivatives of microbial fermentation

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